Sacred Space

In the Spring of 2019 I found myself burned out and completely disconnected from my soul sisters and the work that I do as a Healer and a Creator.

I was overwhelmed by social media, by the dozens of apps on my phone and the distractions that created an inability to truly connect with the women that I worked so hard to support and uplift. I wanted connections, adventure, sisterhood and a Sacred Space that awakened in me my fierce self-love and wild freedom. I wanted this not just for myself but for the women around me too. Women just like you. So I deleted Facebook, any unnecessary social media accounts and applications and removed all distractions. I disconnected until I could truly reconnect.

Then something happened. The women around me, my friends, the women I held Sacred Space for, they all began to tell me they too felt the same way. 

They felt overwhelmed, disconnected and that the most important parts of themselves had become dormant. They wanted to be set free. I knew there had to be a better way and so I sat with this. You see-I admit it, I have shiny object syndrome and I am a creative soul. When my heart calls me to do something I answer. But not every call is meant to be answered. Some are distractions. So this time I knew I needed to sit, wait and listen to Spirit, the Universe until I received my answer. When the time was right I was going to be called to rise and create something magical for women around this world and so I sat and I waited.

Then one day, like a beautiful downpour of rain, it washed over my body, mind and soul. I was awakened and given clarity on the Sacred Space I was to create to help women just like you return to themselves. 

A Sacred Space that gives you the strength to face your fears, begin to heal from your hurts and the self-love to set you free and awaken the wild woman in you that was never meant to be tamed. A sacred space that helps you build a Spiritual foundation that becomes unbreakable and will forever give you the wisdom to bounce back faster each and every time you face a set back. A Spiritual foundation that restores your hope and faith during difficult times in your life. A Sacred Space so that helps you continue to level up. A Sacred Space where you learn to honor what your heart and soul call you to do. A Sacred Space where you make an unbreakable promise to yourself, a vow to honor yourself, to know your worth and never give your power away.

And so this Sacred Space was born... a place powered by the simplicity of a newsletter delivered right into your inbox at the same time of day, once a week, packed with my musings (my  Sacred art), Spiritual gifts and so much more.

Once a week I will be in your inbox waiting for you to honor this commitment to yourself. This is about you and this Sacred time you have carved out for yourself. This is the time that you grab your cup of coffee or tea. This is the time that you sit cozy in bed or in your favorite chair. This is the time when your body, mind and spirit are restored and rejuvenated. This is the time when you return to yourself every week and you are reminded of your greatness, your strength and your power. 

Every Saturday at 9:00am EST you will receive...

My morning musings (this is my Sacred art) where I share with you personal experiences and wisdom to uplift  and guide you.

My weekly intuitive reading (audio recording) to provide you with clarity, guide you on your journey and empower you to trust your own intuition. 

A new meditation (audio recording) to help you reduce anxiety, stress and promote emotional health.

Access to my private schedule to reserve an Intuitive Reading, Reiki or Guided Meditation Session at a special rate. 


My weekly Herbal/Essential Oil guide to help you tap into additional holistic healing modalities. 

Interviews with special guests to continue to help you level up. 

Early bird access to upcoming events.

Archive of previous content.

Your investment? 

$10/per month


Because I want EVERY woman to have access to this Sacred Space. 

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