I am an Author and a Healer helping transform single women’s lives through holistic healing and self-love. Many of the healing modalities that I use with clients include the power of Herbalism, Essential Oils, Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Meditation, and my custom Healing Sessions and more.  I am the founder of Beautiful-lee Free. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have dedicated my life to helping women.

Healing and Spirituality have been engrained in me since I was a little girl. My work in healing began in wellness…helping women heal themselves through food and exercise and later in life transforming into the gifts handed down to me by my paternal great-grandmother and my maternal grandmother.

 I have lived a blessed life that I do not take for granted, full of wanderlust and minimalist dreams come true. For almost 1/2 a decade I ditched conventionalism and built and lived in a tiny house on a 15-acre off-grid homestead in the majestic mountains of Tennessee 2000 feet above elevation with my previous partner and son. In 2018 after my partner and I parted ways I left the tiny house, homesteading lifestyle and took some time to heal. I continue to homeschool and raise my son and pursue part-time travel as a wanderlust enthusiast.

I attended Washington Adventist College and am currently attending Everglades University for Alternative Medicine. I continue my education and work in the healing and holistic industry.

I held certifications in fitness and wellness for almost 7 years as a Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Advisor, Personal Trainer, and Zumba Fitness Instructor.

I have been a multi-passionate entrepreneur for over 16 years. With businesses in the beauty, fitness, wellness and eco-friendly and lifestyle industries. I have had 3 physical business locations and successful online businesses. As a journalist, I was a staff writer for The Curvy Fashionista, Managing Editor for Skorch Magazine, Brand Ambassador for Dame Life and Director and Vice President for The American Tiny House Association.

As an avid volunteer through 2015-2017, I worked on animal rescue and family rehabilitation in the state of Tennessee. In 2014 I worked with Plus Size Model Christina Mendez for the Confidence Workshop for Preteen & Teenage Girls. In 2011 I was a guest speaker for the Gulf Coast Diplomacy Council for “The Entrepreneur Women of Africa”. I was a guest speaker in 2010 for the Junior League of Pensacola at the “Dollars and Sense Program”. In 2009 regarding health at the Pensacola Baptist Health Care “Health & Fitness” event and in 2008 I spoke at the Onslow County Health Department on Healthy Living.

I was also a speaker at several United Tiny House Festivals and the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado. I have had the esteemed pleasure of being featured on BuzzFeed, Tiny House Magazine, Tiny House Podcast, Tiny House Summit, Volup 2 Magazine, Curvy Magazine, CBS Radio Minnesota on the Jordana Green Show, Volup2 Magazine, Fashion School Daily, Pensacola News Journal, ADWEEK, Business Insider, Jacksonville Daily News and Eye on Real Estate with Dottie Herman and more. I was also voted Vogue’s Top 1000 Influencer. I have also been an Onslow County’s Woman of the Year Nominee.

I continue to practice peace, love, and compassion in everything I do.

I am a Sexual Abuse and Mental health advocate. Having experienced both of these on a personal level, I continue to fight for these important causes.

I am also an unschooling mom to an incredible teenage son Jr. aka the light of my life & currently reside in New Jersey.

The Beautiful-lee Free Team and I are dedicated to the work we do and transforming women’s lives through the power of holistic healing.

May you be empowered to find the freedom that healing and self-love gifts you.