Restorative Rituals for a Stronger Foundation

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Rituals are a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

That word probably brings up religious connotations for you. We often see rituals in religion and in spiritual ceremonies. But what if we looked at our body, mind, and spirit as a sacred temple and the rituals we create help to strengthen our temple and our temple’s foundation so we can learn to maneuver through this crazy thing called life. You want a solid temple because it is the only place you can worship at.

These rituals are a series of good habits that we gift ourselves.

They release us from the stress that holds us down. They remove the heavy burdens we are carrying. They allow us to see clearly the things we want and do not want in our life. They help us feel balanced and that through the chaos we experience we still have something that we do have control over. No one wants to feel like they have lost control.

Rituals are different for everyone.

They are a culmination of things that you do repetitively that you know make you feel more grounded, capable. For me, it is a meditation, prayer, and yoga in the mornings. Throughout the day it is turning on my diffuser and diffusing uplifting essential oil blends and resting for 15-30 minutes. Sometimes that is sitting with a cup of tea in hand or simply laying my head on a pillow. At night it is a moment of silence, journaling, reading. Am I consistent? No, I am not. I am human and I often forget to do the things that provide me with clarity in my life, but when I do, I see the difference and when I don’t, I know what I need to turn to feel better.

I can hold onto anger very easily.

It is one of my many faults. Sometimes it sits for so long it feels like a hole is burning through my chest. My rituals have continuously helped me release this and dive into the healing work that I need to do to release anger. I recently saw the impact of this healing work my rituals have gifted me. Just a few days ago I found myself in a situation where someone was being verbally abusive to me and another friend. I became angry. Very angry. But I found myself breathing, analyzing the situation, and playing out things in my mind instead of being reactionary and dealing with the consequences later. Eventually, I had to ask this person to leave from my home, but it was the moments that led up to that request that made me realize how much my rituals were changing me, and how much I needed them to feel grounded. I realized how much they allowed me to see clearly and understand my emotions and the things I can and cannot control.

There is no easy way out, and we are constantly healing and growing.

There are days where we are able to ride the waves and then there are days where we are drowning in it. But every good thing we put in our life that uplifts us becomes a lifeline, a life preserver available to us when we need it. These rituals are restorative and bring us back to the foundation of who we are.

What are your rituals?


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