Manifesting Takes Work

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There is this disconnect from the reality that when you want to manifest something in your life it means you don’t have to put in the work.

Manifesting has become a “buzz” word, a “trend” that gets lost in translation. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G that manifesting has entered the lives of the masses and people are creating healthy and positive habits to get the things they want and love in their life, but it is often forgotten that in doing so you have to do the legwork. This world is a phenomenal place and we humans are out of this world. We have so much power within us that we are capable of the unimaginable. Yes, manifesting good things in your life is possible, but it takes work.

The work I speak of begins within yourself.

You have to believe in something, even if that something is yourself (FYI – you should always believe in yourself first). You have to have an undying faith that what you want is going to come to you in one way or another. But to get what you want, you have to eliminate blockages in your mind, body and spirit. You have to create habits and rituals that help you get rid of negativity, that open your body to good health and uplifts your spirit in joy. I am not saying that life doesn’t get hard. Gosh, it does. Life sucks sometimes, and when you have these rituals in place you become strong enough to handle what life throws at you. These systems help you mourn the sucky part of life and then dive right into the good parts that life has to offer you. We are conditioned not to believe in something greater than ourselves or that we are not deserving of good things. Well shit, everyone deserves something good in their life and you have to get rid of whatever is blocking you from receiving it.

Once you have sorted through the crap, you can get down to business.

I am a believer that you need to turn your manifestations into something tangible. Something you can see and feel. Write it down and meditate on it on a daily basis. Not in fear, that you won’t receive it or aren’t deserving of it, but in confidence that it is already yours. See yourself in it. Touch it. Feel it. Live in it. It is yours. All of this brings you clarity. You have to be clear on what you want so you can have it. Find a journal and turn it into a powerhouse of manifestations. Write it down. Focus on it on a daily basis and see it come to fruition.

Have a little patience. Goodness, I can’t begin to tell you how many things I want and that I am trying to and have manifested in my life.

But I live in anxiety over all of it and I am learning to have patience. Patience goes a long way, not just in manifesting, but when dealing with any stressful situation. So take the time to enjoy what you are deserving of and know that it will come to you. You are doing everything to get there, now enjoy the journey and be patient.

Actions speak louder than words.

I believe that everyday you must take an action towards what you want. If you want a new house and can’t afford it, I promise that you will manifest it. However, take action towards that dream. Put yourself in it. It’s kind of like that whole ‘fake it till you make it’ thing. You want a new house? Start putting back money every week for a down payment. Even if it’s only $50 in an envelope that you have titled “my new house fund”. Start looking at houses in the area you want to live in. Ask for that raise that you were supposed to get last year. You want to travel the world for a year? Same concept. Start working on your itinerary. Start saving money. Look at creative organizations where you volunteer your time for a few hours a day in exchange for food and board in the areas you want to travel to. That will cut down your expenses. Nothing is out of your reach. But you have to put in the work. Take action.

Life is what you make it of. Speak and act as if what you want is already yours.

What are you manifesting today?


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