A Call to Rise: International Day of the Girl

I premise this outpouring of my soul with insight into my early years. As a little girl I was molested by someone I knew. As a teen I was sexually assaulted by a boyfriend. That is my testimony. That is my story. The gruesome details aren’t important, because the trauma has taken me 2 decades to heal and overcome. The substance of my story lies in the underlying thread that exists in our society and societies worldwide. The exploitation of girls.

I was raised in a very protected environment and even with all of that protection these perpetrators made their way into my existence. The fetishization of girls as objectifiable things that you can exploit and discard has been engrained in our societies for years. BUT women have risen for centuries and women will continue to rise. A revolution that will fortify our girls so they can continue to lead as women tomorrow. I was lucky. I had access to strong women (advocates) that raised me and fought against my perpetrators when I had no voice or my voice was too weak. I had women that raised me, that tugged out the strength that was implanted within me from the time that I was in my mothers womb. They weaved that strength into my net of power that later enabled my progression into the conquerer that I am today.

BUT, what happens to those girls who have no access to an advocate that will rise for them when they are not strong enough? When they have no access to an advocate that will be their voice when their own is being drowned out? When they have no one to tug on their strength and weave together a net of power to enable their own progression into the conquerers that have yet to realize they CAN be? That is why International Day of the Girl exists!

You, as women and men are called to become the advocates. You are called to be the voice. To remove the obstacles that plague 1.1 billion young girls with issues like: an average of 15 million girls being married before the age of 18, every 10 minutes a teenage girl dying as a result of violence and 130 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 are not in school. Let today inspire you to get involved, but make tomorrow the day you take action. Rise!

How do you get involved?

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