The Day it All Went BOOM!

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

For over a decade I documented my life, my expertise and everything in between. Through these digital pages I shared my deepest and darkest thoughts. I released everything I had encountered and everything I had felt into these posts. In July 2017 due to an error, I lost it all (my entire website crashed).

My digital documentation of a life well lived. A life with trials and tribulations all conquered. Wisdom built up from the scars left on my soul. Gratitude for the freedom I had found from letting go all of the bullshit this world throws at you through things, incidents and people. I had no back up of my digital decade. It was gone, and as I write these words, this is the first blog article on a platform rebuilt. It was a strange thing to lose it all. I felt free. In some weird way I had been released from all of the expectations I had set for myself and I took it as a chance to start over.

I still hold documented proof of my accolades. And my stories, my words, my knowledge is one I can continue to re-write over and over again with more wisdom, more love, more compassion.

For those that have followed me for over a decade, and those that are joining me at this point in my life and for those that will stay with me onwards into the future…sometimes we get a gift in a day. A day when it all goes BOOM! A crash, a burn, a loss allows us to rebuild. Today I begin this rebuild much stronger, wiser and with a protection over my sacred space, but with a love of life…because I am now beautiful-lee free!

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