Transforming single women's lives through holistic healing and self-love.

Healing and Spirituality have been engrained in me since I was a little girl.

My work in healing began in wellness…helping women heal themselves through food and exercise and later in life, my healing work was transformed by the gifts handed down to me by my paternal great-grandmother and my grandmother. My healing work was finally grounded and focused on the power of holistic and metaphysical modalities and tools. My life and the life of the women I worked with were transformed.

In sacred space, I support women like you.

I empower you to face your fears and begin the important process of healing. I encourage you to begin pouring into yourself first without guilt. I support women just like you through the process of creating a successful action plan to go after your desires, goals and the things that set your soul on fire. I support you on this path with my time, expertise, wisdom, love and through the holistic & metaphysical modalities and tools that I use for these transformational sessions.

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